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The Disznókő estate is planted with four of the six approved noble grape varieties of the Tokaj Wine Region: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Zéta, Sárgamuskotály.


In order to produce the highest quality grapes, we control strictly the yield of the wines. That is why we decided to replant two thirds of the estate in the 1990s.


The proportion basically mirrors that of the wine region as a whole:

60% Furmint: the noblest and most ancient Tokaj variety

The most widespread variety in the region. It ripens late and easily becomes an aszú grape, retaining excellent acidity. It gives structure and produces remarkable dry, full-flavoured wines with balanced acidity. Its special character: Furmint mirrors the terroir and is thus fabulous for expressing volcanic character of the Disznókő estate.

30% Hárslevelű:

Also a local variety. It imparts a pleasant bouquet to the wine. Typical aromas are tisane, honey and flowers. Hárslevelű produces fewer botrytised grapes than Furmint. Its dry wines are elegant and fresh.

9% Zéta

This grape variety is a cross of Furmint and Bouvier, and authorised since 1986.  

Zéta ripens early and becomes an aszú grape exceedingly easily. It has plenty of aromas and gives a creaminess to Aszú wines. 

1% Sárgamuskotály “Yellow Muscat”

Wonderfully aromatic, this is a scented early ripening variety. The same variety as “Muscat blanc à petits grains” in the south of France. It covers about 5% of the wine region. Disznókő does not use Sárgamuskotály in its Aszú wines.

An exceptional terroir

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