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At Disznókő the berry shows us the moment of harvest. We watch carefully. Because the winery is set in the vineyard we can keep a close eye on all the grapes and pick at just the right moment – all by hand. Not only that, all our wines are from our grapes only. So the wines really are the fruits of our labours!

. One of the longest harvests in the world?

Well, it runs from late August through to early, even late, November.

. And why?

Because we are waiting patiently for the aszú berries to develop.

. One of the most labour-intensive harvests in the world?

And at Disznókő we go through the whole vineyard to select these precious berries between two and four times – an unusual practice in the region.


The highly selective process includes:

harvesting the ripe grapes for dry Tokaji wines, 

picking the clusters for late harvest wines, 

selecting the aszú berries, the key ingredient of the legendary Tokaji Aszú. 



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