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 1. Our vision

“The grapes guide us in our quest for the pure and balanced expression of their quality and of our precious terroir.” László Mészáros, Director of Disznókő

The quest for pure, fresh Aszú wines has made Disznókő a pioneer in the truest sense. Today, Disznókő is recognized as being in the forefront of the renaissance of the truly great Tokaji wines.


2.  An exceptional terroir

The Disznókő vineyard is among the most highly regarded sites for Aszú wines. It is one of the only estates in the Tokaj Wine Region to be one single tract of land, and one of the few Tokaj wineries set in its vineyard. All the grapes for every Disznókő wine come from our vineyard.

As a consequence we have intimate knowledge of each plot, and a high level of responsiveness (crop protection, harvest).


3. A highly selective harvest

We only pick the aszú berries at the optimal moment, going through the whole vineyard between two and four times – an unusual practice in the region. Every batch (box) of aszú berries is controlled personally by our winemakers.


4. A tailor-made vinification

- plot by plot: aszú grapes of every parcel are stored separately.

- personalized according to the nature of the aszú berries: choice of aszú grape lots, choice of base wine or base must – and which wine or must, length of maceration.

- an active fermentation for higher alcohol content (12-13%) than most Tokaji Aszú wines from the same quantity of starting sugar. Thus we achieve a fresher balance.

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