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Szamorodni is a traditional style for Tokaj. The grapes are picked at the end of the harvest. Depending on the sugar level of the grapes, we can make Száraz (Dry) or Édes (Sweet) Szamorodni.


Disznókő Tokaji Édes (Sweet) Szamorodni: it is made of very rich clusters containing many botrytised grapes. The winemaking method is similar to that of Sauternes (with direct pressing) but often with destemming and skin contact. At Disznókő the wines spend around a year, a year and a half in the barrel and then time maturing in the bottle. It is precisely the long barrel ageing that gives the wines their strong personality.


Disznókő Tokaji Száraz (Dry) Szamorodni: produced from ripe and very ripe but healthy clusters, it can be compared to some wines from Jura and Jerez. Its character is determined by the long barrel ageing partly under the yeast veil or flor (biological ageing). The flor gives the wine an amazing freshness, while the rancio character comes from the oxidation of the late harvested grapes.

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