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Tokaj: a Protected Designation of Origin from Hungary

Tokaj – the name of the town after which the Tokaj Wine Region is named. Pronounced “Tok-eye”

Tokaji – denotes the wine itself e.g. Tokaji Aszú or Tokaji Dry Furmint (as an adjective meaning from Tokaj). It is a Protected Designation of Origin. Pronounced Tok-eye-ee


Tokajské in Slovakia

-  Tokajské – following the World War I a small part of the Tokaj Wine Region became part of Czechoslovakia. Today in Slovakia, the area is much larger than the original. The wine styles and regulations are similar to but not the same as in Hungary. Discussions are continuing to regulate the Slovakian use of the name.


Tokay in France

- Tokay d’Alsace – former name for Pinot Gris grape in Alsace due to EU ruling on Protected Designation of Origin. During the changeover period (ended 2007) Pinot Gris from Alsace was labelled Tokay-Pinot Gris.


Tocai in Italy

- Tocai Friuliano – former name for the Sauvignon Vert (Friuliano) grape in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region


Tokay in Australia

- Tokay – former name for the Muscadelle grape variety in Australia.

- Liquer Tokay – former name for Liquer Muscat, a fortified wine from the Muscadelle grape.

- Tokay table wines – former name of table wines from the Muscadelle grape. Often called Topaque since the introduction of the EU law defining use of the word Tokaj.




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