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Zemplén Festival

For many years Disznókő has hosted a concert in the prestigious Zemplén Festival. Performances include opera and classical music; performers include an acoustic guitar duo and a brass ensemble. Venues on the estate are the beloved tractor garage, the Belvedere overlooking the vineyards and the winery.


On 15th August 2013 Disznókő tractor garage will host a performance as part of the Zemplén Festival. The dance troupe, Forte Company, will perform Stravinsky’s LES NOCES and THE YOUNG LISZT (to music by Franz Liszt).

The actor-dancers of the Forte Company create a new manner of expression with body, voice, dance, music and text, striving to re-interpret the notions of story, scenes, stage time and space and dramaturgy. The result? Original and thrilling portrayals. Just like Disznókő wines!

Csaba Horváth’s interpretation of Stravinsky’s Les Noces (The Wedding) follows the traditional stages of a folk wedding with the abstracted expression of folklore elements. The second part of the performance is Kristof Widder’s work “The Young Liszt” which reflects on the compositions and spiritual turbulence of the master who was “honoured and humiliated by the label: wonder-child”.

Guests are invited to taste Disznókő wines before the performance in this unusual venue. Unique wines befitting the tractor garage’s organic design and superb acoustics, combined with quality performances and the wines have made it an extremely popular and well-loved place.


15th August 2013 at 8pm

Ticket: 2,500 HUF

Advance price: 2,000 HUF






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