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The aszú berries are almost dry so it is impossible to press them directly. That is why we use skin contact: aszú berries are soaked in fermenting must or new wine for 12 to 60 hours to extract the sugars, flavours and acids.We pump over (“remontage”) and/or punch down the cap (“pigeage”) to increase skin contact. The nature of the aszú determines whether we use fermenting must or base wine and from which vineyard, the proportion of aszú berries and the length of their maceration.


Our aim is to attain maximum flavours and aromas combined with the precise and pure structure given by the maceration. This allows us at Disznókő to preserve the freshness of the fruit, achieving a surprising balance between sugar, acidity and alcohol.

To know more about this specific balance of Disznókő 


The proportion of aszú berries to wine or must indicates the concentration. This is denoted with the word puttonyos: Disznókő Tokaji Aszú ranges from 5 to 6 puttonyos.



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