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Two phenomena form the aszú grape: the fungus Botrytis cinerea and shrivelling on the vinestock.

The balance between these two determines the aszú berry and thus the character of the vintage.


All the grapes on the cluster develop at a different rate, so we select the aszú grapes one by one, each by hand. Our skilled harvesters pass through the whole estate two to four times to catch each aszú berry at its optimal state.


This incredibly time-consuming selection method guarantees the best quality for our wines. Aszú harvesting is possibly the most labour-intensive harvest in the world – harvesters can pick a mere 6-10kg a day.


This is a small crop. Only 5-20% of grapes ever become an aszú berry. And plenty of weight is lost before a grape reaches aszú quality: an average of five kilograms of intact grapes becomes one kilogram of aszú grapes. At Disznókő we always choose quality over quantity – and so we wait for the perfect aszú berry.


The carefully selected aszú grapes are put in harvesting crates and transported to the reception yard. Every batch of aszú berries is controlled personally by our winemakers and is tasted, weighed and sorted. The berries of the individual plots are stored in stainless steel vats until the aszú vinification begins.

The harvest

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