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Vintage 2014: Awaiting the harvest

We are at the 14th August with the véraison (start of ripening period) of the Furmint and Hárslevelű. We can already taste the grapes, and the Zéta is now very enjoyable to eat. After a promising start, the weather became unexpectedly rainy and humid from the beginning of July.
This weather resulted in a great risk of some diseases (mainly powdery mildew), therefore we have had to be very vigilant throughout the summer and make more spraying rounds than usual. The other consequences of the summer weather are the larger (and more vulnerable) berries and clusters.
Making the appropriate green harvest may well be a key factor in the quality of this vintage. However we still have some weeks before beginning the harvest, and a good finish in August can certainly help us a lot. Let’s hope!


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