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Vintage 2014: A great beginning

Today (10th June) the flowering has finished in most Disznókő parcels. The start and end of flowering are always important moments – and this year we’re exceedingly happy with the results!

After a very mild and dry winter, spring came early with warm weather in March bringing the earliest bud break we have ever seen (started the 2nd April). Later the weather became cool with cold nights that made the development of the shoots extremely slow and uneven. Initially we were afraid this was caused by a disease, but by the middle of May the vineyard growth had become normal, with vines developing well.

The flowering, which began on 28th May, is early compared to other years, but the period between the bud break and flowering was very long. For comparison, in 2012 the bud break started the 22nd April and the flowering started only a month later on the 26th May.

The wonderfully warm, sunny and dry weather we hoped for followed – ideal conditions for flowering and fruit set.


László Mészáros


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