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Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia – and its unique glassware

Throughout the centuries intriguing glassware has been designed for the wonderful world of wine. And Tokaji Eszencia is no exception. This wine, unique in its role, rests in various glassware during its life. What do all these containers have in common? Each is transparent to help us appreciate the stunning colours of this exceptional essence.

Eszencia is mainly aged in generous glass demijohns. In the cool dark of our cellars these demijohns preserve the memory of the vintage as the initial golden apricot shades deepen over time to rich amber. Eszencia is aged for several years in our “Aszú Temple”, the special area of the cellar reserved for our bottled Tokaji Aszú. 


Why is Eszencia aged in demijohns?
Eszencia is naturally viscous, with very little liquid. We age it in these glass containers to preserve the little liquid it has.

The enormous sugar content is another unique aspect of Eszencia: between 500 and 920 g/l?; an extraordinary 50 – 92 % of its volume is sugar, mainly fructose. This concentration of sugar means fermentation is extremely slow, producing generally under 3 % alcohol. Throughout the process the demijohn assures a sterile environment for the Eszencia. It is a privilege to catch the sound of a bubble released through the airlock.

To taste Eszencia during its aging we use a siphon, the „wine thief”, to extract the Eszencia from the demijohn.


Disznókő Tokaji Eszencia is only bottled in vintages when the quality is exceptional. The distinctive 375-ml bottle of thick glass is inspired by the Tokaj bottle of the 19th century.

Then comes the time for tasting. To serve this veritable gift of nature in a fitting manner Disznókő commissioned the Eszencia angel. Completely hand-crafted, this glass object allows appreciation of Eszencia to the very last drop.

Naturally this emblematic nectar – mentioned in the Hungarian national anthem – has inspired such unique glassware. 


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