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László Mészáros – October 2012


The situation for the vintage 2012 is, at the moment, very similar to that of 2011. 

There has been:    
- An extremely hot and dry summer,    
- Early ripening, but a very slow settling of Botrytis and development of botrytised berries.


Winter was mild but it lasted for a relatively long time. Bud break was late, starting on 23rd April but, because of the hot and dry late spring, blossoming was earlier than usual, at the end of May. The summer was extremely hot and dry, reaching nearly 40 ˚C several times.  By the end of August the grapes were almost already ripe.    


The grapes for dry wines were harvested from the 10th to the 13th of September, earlier than ever. We picked very ripe and healthy grapes with still remarkably fresh acidity. Most have just completed their fermentation, producing well-balanced and fresh wines with good acidity.    


The Botrytis arrived very slowly on the Furmint grapes and resulted in the first aszú grapes being ready to pick by September 11. Oddly, the Zeta vines, always the first to provide remarkable quantity of aszú grapes, have remained healthy till today (beginning of October). The rains that arrived in mid-September have intensified the development of Botrytis on the Furmint. The harvesting of aszú grapes is underway. We are collecting aszú berries that are particularly fine and concentrated in the central slopes on the west side.




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