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Harvest 2013

It is a truly spectacular sight here at Disznókő! I’ve never seen such an abundance of excellent quality aszú berries – indeed few people remember such a plentiful year. Incredibly more than 250 people are selecting the aszú berries from the Disznókő vines every day. The estate is a golden-green wonderland, bathed in early mists followed by glorious Indian summer sunshine from mid-morning. A treat for the eyes and soul – and, of course, for the palate of those lucky enough to taste the grapes! And tasting plays an important part – along with technical analysis – in choosing the right moment to harvest.


After an early sharp frost on the 3rd and 4th October – just after the grapes for the dry wines were brought in -, temperatures have risen dramatically to a balmy 20-24 °C. This means we have superb conditions for aszú grape development; plenty of humidity and warmth. This is allowing the botrytis to spread and, as the sun helps the passerillage or shrivelling, we are seeing an excellent concentration of the berries’ flavours. The early berries have a well-rounded acidity and lovely flavours marked particularly by notes of dried fruits and citrus. Our skilled harvesters have already passed through some of the best parcels on our estate several times – and we will continue as the weather is set fair. So, the harvest is progressing wonderfully in this unique vintage.


László Mészáros


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