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Harvest report 2014

“We finished the harvest on the 30th October. The earliest ever date of completion – never before have we brought in all the grapes in October. It was not the result of early ripening (actually grapes ripened later than usual), but the pressure of humidity meant we were unable to wait.

The volume of wine we produced is very small: an average of 5 hl / ha. About half what I expected at the start of harvest, and even ten days before the end I never imagined the quantity would be so low. Fortunately we picked good quality aszú berries.


2014 was a difficult harvest in Tokaj. The hot and rainy summer was less sunny than usual and brought pressure from powdery mildew. A late-August attack of sour rot caused us much trouble and destroyed many grapes. We had to be extra vigilant and select grapes prior to the tries, passages through the vineyard. We managed three ties to collect Furmint aszú berries, two for Zéta and one for Hárslevelű. High humidity caused noble rot to start on nearly all the berries so we had to really search for enough healthy, i.e. non-botrytised, grapes for the base wine and base must.

We started maceration of the aszú berries on 29th October. Generally they were highly botrytised and less passerillé (shrivelled) so most we macerated in base wine. Fermentation finished in mid-December.


I am happy to report that the 2014 Aszú wines are lovely: aromatic with superb freshness, less rich than usual, they have a lean structure and gorgeous length of spices.”


László Mészáros, Technical Director


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