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Harvest 2013, Part 2

“A unique year for the Disznókő harvest! We started relatively late and finished earlier – making 2013 our shortest harvest yet. But wow was it intense! Our skilled harvesters arrived in far larger groups than usual, and each person managed to pick almost double the normal quantity. This gave us more individually picked aszú berries than ever before.

The estate literally buzzed with people. Quick and nimble fingers selecting beautifully concentrated aszú berries with a distinct botrytis quality, very intense yet pure. Bathed in warm sunshine that stretched on much to everyone’s delight. These days always feel like such a gift. Particularly given the cherished aszú berries they create with their misty mornings and gentle breezes. We made four tries through most of the Furmint parcels and two through the Hárslevelű which produced unusually large quantities of equally botrytised grapes.

What did we do with these valuable aszú berries? Stored in vats, they gave us plenty of Eszencia that is medium rich in sugar but with intense tastes. Then we performed mini-maceration tests of each parcel to discern the best skin contact method; the aszú berries were very distinctly botrytised, so we favoured maceration of the aszú berries in wine or mixed methods over maceration solely in fermenting must. In all honesty, the main difficulty of the 2013 vintage was to find enough base wines and must for our precious berries…

Our Tokaji Aszú wine fermentations (each lot individually) lasted much longer than normal but now all have finished and they are being racked off into barrels stacked in our cellar where they will stay for around two years of ageing. The 2013 vintage of Disznókő Aszú promises to be fine, rich and aromatic…”

László Mészáros 


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