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Imagine reaching up to pick a warm, ripe peach in an orchard on a sunny afternoon. Lose yourself in the softness of the skin, gorgeous aromas and sweet juiciness. These fragrant Aszú wines of 2012 are rounded with lower acidity than usual.


It was an exceedingly hot and dry summer that brought very early ripening. Consequently, the aszú berries developed slowly, and the Botrytis along with it. We started harvesting fresh and harmonious dry wines. Then the tables turned completely: the Botrytis settled on the berries and suddenly 2012 became the vintage with the most Botrytis! The humidity was too high for the intense shrivelling we had expected so we finally selected less aszú grapes. Though still young (in oak), these rich and harmonious wines are exceedingly promising.


László Mészáros


The Disznókő wines in this vintage

By tradition and by law Tokaji Aszú must be aged for at least 3 years before release on the market. Of this 3 years, at least 2 years in oak in a traditional underground Tokaj cellar providing low temperature (12 °C) and high humidity (90%) throughout the year. Expected release date: 2015.



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