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The 1993 is a trendsetter above the waves of fashion. And this style is here to stay. The 1993 vintage is a legend in the line of the 1999, 2000 and others. A fantastic vintage with spicy, unctuous wines both complex and fresh with a superb ageing potential. Historic.


1993 is very important to us: it marks a true renaissance in the wines of Tokaj and of the region, the first great vintage after the political transition and a new era for Disznókő recently purchased by AXA Millésimes. 1993 was marked by a long, dry and hot summer. It rained at just the right time thus creating the most perfect conditions for Botrytis to spread over the over-ripened berries rich in sugars and acidity. They shrivelled completely in the long, warm autumn days unveiling an elegant botrytis character. Even though I was not yet working at Disznókő, it is a very moving wine to taste because of its purity, its subtle aromas, its unique structure, and because it embodies so well the new era.


László Mészáros


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